Big Clouds for Small Businesses

Cloud storage has been getting a lot of buzz lately in the tech industry. A rapidly developing and high-utility feature of the future, there has been wide-scale debate as to the pros and cons of incorporating cloud storage into just about any facet of life where data storage is necessary (which is also a rapidly expanding part of life). Both private and corporate entities need to store and access various amounts and kinds of data in a wide range of circumstances, and as a result, cloud storage means something different to everybody. However, as a bottom line, cloud storage is an innovative, flexible way to store data and information, and for a small business, this could aid operations in a number of ways.

First and foremost, the obvious: cloud storage saves space. Say what you will about every other aspect of the service, using cloud storage drastically cuts down on how much space one needs for storage. Depending on your needs and the service your small business provides, this could mean anything from freeing up space on work-related devices to freeing up physical space that was previously taken up by records, servers, or storage drives. How one uses the space is entirely up to the owner, but the benefits range from a little bit more elbow room in your physical space to being able to house and run better programs on work devices. Furthermore, this method of storage optimizes accessibility, so a lot of businesses are opting for private cloud storage services, which allow only authorized users to have access to whatever is stored on said cloud, but from any location approved by admins. This lends itself more to mid-to-big businesses (seeing as a service like this costs more money to set up and maintain that a small business may have to spend), but smaller businesses can still capitalize on the ease of access benefits of cloud storage by using a public cloud server.

More and more, smaller businesses are uploading their information to public cloud servers (which aren’t open to the public for access, mind you, simply a service offered to the public), not only because they tend to be free storage, but for the ease of access while on the go. Managing a small business from home or while abroad becomes a lot easier when the necessary information and resources are accessible at any location, thanks to cloud storage, and many small business owners are using this to run all sorts of operations, be they purely web-based vendors or landed small businesses that require monitoring at various stages, but are in a location where the owner can’t be present at all times. Public cloud services also save money for businesses that no longer need to spend money on electricity to keep equipment constantly running, or to buy and repair new storage equipment or space as wear and tear can take a toll on more traditional physical storage methods. All in all, the move towards widespread use of cloud storage is a continuous one, and a convenient one at that.

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