Does ONUVO protect my remote employees?

If your business adopted Remote Work but are concerned about data leaks and security breaches, ONUVO can apply simple yet effective protection to cover both our employees and sensitive corporate data from cyberthreats.

With the recent increase in remote work connections, so do the risks of becoming a target of unwanted cyberattacks.

ONUVO specializes in services that protect various points of vulnerability. This includes securing employee endpoint devices, providing encrypted connections between an employee to company resources, and enforcing data backup protection to substantially reduce data leaks or ransomware threats.

We also highly recommend businesses to provide Security Awareness Training, or SAT, to employees. This provides valuable tools and knowledge for users to identify, protect, and report suspicious emails or activities.

Human error is the #1 cause of data leaks and ransomware activations. Since employees are the weakest link in the company, a simple training can reduce your company cyber risk by more than 80%. Learn more in our blog.

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