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As 2021 draws to a close, small businesses have had a lot to adapt to in terms of changes in the scientific and technological fields, both in terms of service and product. Advancements in all kinds of aspects of technology have pushed small businesses to shift their approach on a number of issues, and trends in scientific advancement always send ripples into the world of business, big or small. However, of all the trends to keep an eye on, two stand among the rest when it comes to shifts in the IT department.
The first trend to keep an eye out for is the shift to cloud storage as the default means of storing information. As cloud technology continues to advance and refine itself, businesses and private individuals alike will be connecting to the cloud with a much higher frequency than ever before. Advances in cloud storage allows businesses to operate and serve while mobile, while the range of options concerning how to handle your information in the cloud only grows wider and wider by the day. New cloud services are also beginning to appear on the market, ranging from free, public cloud services to paid, private ones. Weighing your small business’ need for and ability to pay for and maintain a private cloud in comparison to the advantages and disadvantages presented with a public cloud is an approach many small business owners are starting to take. Some businesses are forgoing physical storage all together, right from the get-go, while others are maintaining physical and local storage practices, and figuring out which approach works best in your case is an important question to ask yourself. This directly relates to another very important trend that is taking form lately, and will definitely be something small businesses are going to have to take into account if they want to ensure their survival.
A more disturbing trend on the rise in recent times is the increase in cyber theft, and the increased necessity of a solid cyber security system. With cloud storage becoming more and more popular, hackers have been going after data stored in the cloud, particularly public cloud storage. With all that data stored in one location, it’s no surprise there’s been a rise in crimes of this nature. As a result, more and more cyber security services have begun to pop up, and are experiencing increased clientele to match the uptick in cyber crime. Be careful what information you choose to upload to the cloud, what service you use, and how you choose to protect the information you upload, wherever it ends up. While this means big bucks for cyber security firms, small businesses now have an added or increased expense to take care of when budgeting, and being stingy when it comes to cyber security is not an option for many small businesses. For some, it may not be an issue, but if you run a business that keeps records of purchase information, or has record of information about its customers, having information stolen may lead to more than just a loss of information or money, but it may even lead to lawsuits and other added expenses. In the growing technological era, peace of mind is becoming more and more expensive to reach for the small business owner.
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