The IT Consultant vs. the IT Managed Services Company: The Bottom Line

IT consultant vs IT managed services
There are a variety of benefits to hiring external IT help, whether that involves an outside consultant or a remote managed services company. Not only does it give companies ways to significantly improve workflow and experience growth; it additionally serves to reduce stress and provide cost-effective solutions on a wider scale.
Budget Benefits
It is very expensive for a company to hire full-time employees when they do not have a full-time need. Some businesses experience regular workflow fluctuations, and to hire someone as if the workflow is constantly heavy increases costs and can be a huge budget drain.
That is one of the key benefits to hiring an IT consultant; they serve as supplemental labor when there are spikes in workflow or when special projects arise that require more hands. IT consultants in particular offer an additional budget benefit: with these services, businesses have the option of shifting fixed labor costs to variable labor costs, thus providing high levels of budget flexibility.
Outsourcing to IT managed services companies helps with budgeting as well because it gives companies improved security. These companies offer backup and disaster recovery techniques that are designed to prevent data loss and ensure recoverability in the event of a system crash. Managed services keep a company’s patches up to date so it does not fall prey to malware attacks or viruses. They also offer customized solutions in order to support an evolving ladder of needs; as a business grows, the IT managed services like ONUVO companies build upon pre-existing tactics and adapt to new changes to produce the best results.
Stress Reducing
When an IT consultant is hired, they generally come from an outside company, which means the businesses they are assisting have no full-time employee responsibilities towards them. Clients do not have to provide the consultants with things like ongoing training or career advancement courses. Thus, these “hired guns” help businesses lighten their HR workload without incurring additional stress.
Apart from freeing businesses of employee obligations, IT consultants and IT managed services companies services also simply remove tasks from daily agendas. This frees up time and allows businesses to focus their energy on other aspects of their industry.
Wide-Ranging Results
IT consultants and managed services companies bring a certain level of expertise to a business’ already existing full-time team members. They come with outside perspective. This makes them a useful voice for special projects and IT problem solutions because their expertise can be transferred to a company’s management and employees.
They also can assist with global expansion. If a company is interested in reaching a larger audience, IT consultants and managed services industries located all around the world can equip them with the skills and know-how that will enable them to do just that. Expanding globally is difficult if a business only has a local team; outsourcing to external IT services can assist them in reaching customers from all around the world.
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