The IT Consultant vs the IT Managed Services Company: What to Expect

what to expect
In order to improve overall efficiency, many businesses will decide to hire IT specialists. These professionals assist with technological strategies, educate clients on their IT systems, and provide innovative solutions. There are many types of IT services to choose from, and regardless of whether a business chooses an IT consultant or an IT managed services company, it is important for them to first consider what they can expect from each of these services.
Basic service offerings
Both consultants and managed services providers offer an array of highly specialized services to their clients:
IT consultants
Consultants provide assistance with IT assessments, discovery planning, and strategic IT tactics that help clients understand the structure of their systems. Their services are customized to the needs of each customer and designed to help businesses expand, innovate, and reach their ultimate potential.
IT managed services companies
IT managed services companies consistently provide assistance with the management and monitoring of IT systems. They are always available for regular system upkeep, and also frequently offer solutions on data storage. Managed services come in a variety of pricing options and are split into various categories:
  • Monitoring only (network monitoring and alerting services)
  • Per device (where a flat fee is applied to each device supported in a client’s environment)
  • Per user (billed per end user per month, covering all devices used by each end user)
  • Tiered (the most popular model among managed services companies. Offers multiple packages that, as they increase in price, also increase in services)
  • All you can eat (extremely flexible and involves all remote support, on-site support, lab, or bench time for a single flat fee per month. Gives clients the ability to budget their IT support costs throughout the year with no major billing fluctuations.
When a problem occurs: Proactive vs reactive approach
Reactive strategies respond to an unanticipated event only after its initial occurrence, while proactive ones are constructed to anticipate possible challenges before they arise. The former falls more into the category of IT managed services, since these companies are fashioned to deal with solutions rather than planning. While many do offer consultation services, traditional IT managed services companies will be more interested in providing a solution after an event has happened.
Solutions companies like ONUVO, on the other hand, are more likely to take a proactive position in their IT MSP approach. With remote monitoring and prevention they can foresee and prepare for unprecedented future events. Of course, not all events can be planned for, but the same as IT consultants they can certainly help a company detect certain possibilities so that if they do occur, the business can handle the problems before they inflict too much damage.
Customize and Grow
Knowing what to expect from each IT service enables businesses to prepare for the road ahead. Equipped with this basic understanding, they will be able to meet their goals and face professional challenges in the most efficient way possible.
ONUVO is a monthly subscription-based, IT Managed Service Provider that also caters a cloud-based product Suite designed to prevent and solve IT challenges for small and medium businesses.
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