The IT Consultant vs. the IT Managed Services Company

IT consultant vs IT managed services

Which One Is Right for Me?


For new business or those industries looking into IT support for the first time, it can be difficult to differentiate between the IT consultant and the IT managed services company. Where does one end and the other begin? The line seems thin.


However, it is important to clearly examine these two services and detect the subtle differences within them, so that each business can decide which services are more likely to help them expand their business and reach the top of their industry.


The IT Consultant


An IT consultant works in partnerships with clients and advises them on how to use information technology in way that will address their business goals and overcome specific problems. These individuals work to improve the structure of IT systems so that these systems can function at optimal levels of efficiency.


Consultants offer strategic guidance to their clients with regard to technology and IT infrastructures, as well as provide tips during procurement and selection. They also offer their professional technical assistance, and can be responsible for user feedback and training.


In addition to their technical duties, IT consultants may be involved in a company’s business or sales development. Ultimately, IT consulting is about more than just advising; it is about equipping clients with real-world tools that enable them to meet and conquer real-world technological problems.


IT Managed Services


An IT managed service company, like ONUVO, remotely and proactively manages their clients’ IT infrastructure and /or end user systems. While IT consulting has more to do with offering advice—businesses are told what to do and how to use something in order to achieve their goals—IT managed services involve the actual work that has to be done in order to run the IT applications. In other words, it is related to infrastructure management.


Distinguishing Between the Two Services


IT managed services companies sometimes offer consulting as well, and this is where the distinction between consulting and managed services becomes confusing. However, the line grows much clearer if one remembers that the consultant offers a strategic guide while the IT managed services provider offers the solution (in other words, is the “services implementer”). One has to do with planning; the other with taking action.


Which One Is Right for Me?


Carefully considering one’s IT support options is crucial to the smooth operation of any business. Whether it would be more worthwhile or cost-effective for a company to choose consulting or managed services depends largely on what that company is trying to accomplish.


For example, if a business needs extensive assistance with mapping out goals and strategies, it may be better to at least start with IT consulting. If, on the other hand, the business has already mapped out a strategy and would simply like professional, in-depth assistance with how exactly to implement those strategies, hiring an IT managed services company could be the best option.


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