The Real Cost of a Virus Burst

virus burst
In this day and age, there are many years of computer related technology available for our use. From using social media to surfing the internet, it is possible for us to research and look up any type of information we may need. However, with all of this technology comes responsibility to use it properly. A virus burst or outbreak can happen when the computer technology is compromised. A virus outbreak has the potential to damage your computer system as well as deliver painful results to the information therein. The real cost of a virus burst could be severe.
The Threat
Viruses are widespread and vary. There are hundreds of different viruses that can attack in different ways and at different times. It is true that ten thousand have been identified with more being created each and every month. You may have been told that certain computers are more susceptible than others. However, each computer is susceptible and not one is safe from the threat of a virus. A simple email can be attached to a virus that can completely ransack your computer.
Virus outbreaks can wreak havoc on not only your files but also precious customer and client information which may result in the termination of their business. A virus will also cost you time, effort and money in the long run to fix what was taken or broken thanks to the virus. The downtime that ensues will affect your business in a ton of ways, including your clients, your profits and maybe even your future.
What Does a Virus Do?
  • Spreads code and copies itself and infects other host computers.
  • Viruses can delete data, stop the computer from working, or completely destroy it from working ever again.
  • A virus attaches itself to an email or executable file. When opened, it then downloads itself into the computer and begins to start destroying whatever it was created to destroy. It cannot be deleted easily and will cause much trouble before it can be stopped.
  • Viruses can spread to other computers through the network. For instance, computers that are linked in an office can receive the same virus if connected through the same network. This can cause major system loss within your system and can cause a complete system break in the long run.
  • Some viruses have the ability to hide from antivirus software by using specific coding. They can change this code as they infect each computer, making it more and more difficult to detect.
As you can see, the effects of a computer virus outbreak are many. Viruses must be stopped before they even start through the use of antivirus software and correct internet usage. Do not open attachments that you do not trust and do not visit websites that are linked to download such as mp3 and video links. Stay away from emails that are not familiar. Use antivirus software and keep it up to date each year.
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