The Role of IT Outsourcing in a Small Business

IT outsourcing benefits
Small businesses around the world are taking advantage of the options provided to them by outsourcing their IT requirements. Savvy start-ups know that in order to remain competitive with medium to large size companies, who manage IT in-house, they need to outsource to a managed service providers (MSP) like ONUVO for their IT needs. This allows smaller companies to continue to focus on their key goals and core competencies while leaving IT problems to those who know best. It allows them to save money by not having to invest resources into an IT department and finally allows companies to remain up-to-date with IT advancements by relying on an outside IT company to keep on top of the ball.
Cost Efficiencies
Primarily, saving money is one of the main drivers behind businesses (small and large) outsourcing their IT needs. Setting up, training, paying and supporting an IT department is costly, and depending on the size of the business may not always be fully utilized. It creates a huge fixed cost for a company that may not have the necessary capital to maintain it. Using a MSP like ONUVO that is subscription based, means that companies are only paying for what they use and do not have to commit more resources than absolutely necessary to solving painful upgrades or managing mundane IT administration.
Focus on Core Competencies
Small companies have hardworking and passionate team members. Employees already tend to wear more hats than just their job title alone, therefore asking them to commit more time and energy to solve their own IT problems can cause unneeded stress. Small business need to focus all their energy on standing above their competition by striving to achieve their main goals and aspirations, they do not have time to waste on updating the newest software, backing up systems or understanding intricacies like the most efficient way to back up on the cloud. IT management companies, on the other hand, are the experts in these areas. Their core competencies are to always be on top of technological advancements, ensure their clients are backed up on schedule and understand the latest protection for their client’s data.
Reducing Risk
Maintaining secure systems in todays fast-paced IT world requires constant vigilance and constant improvements. Outsourcing to a qualified MSP can ensure the risk is mitigated and data remains accessible when needed but continually protected. Having an IT company on call for any service issues or help desk questions also means customers never face unforeseen delays due to IT disruptions. Chances are it is going to take much longer to solve any IT problems in-house than if the problem was outsourced to a skilled MSP. Fewer delays mean happier customers, and more end profit.
As a small business choosing to move towards an MSP subscription model, there are almost too many choices. It is extremely vital to identify what needs to be outsourced (remote access, help desk, cloud back up) and what does not. Choosing an IT company that focuses on small businesses, will also guarantee attention to detail that may be missed by a more general outsourced IT company. A MSP provider should always focus on prevention as a key component to their client’s services.
ONUVO is a monthly subscription-based, IT Managed Service Provider that also caters a cloud-based product Suite designed to prevent and solve IT challenges for small and medium businesses.
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