What’s In That Cloud?

what's in that cloud
If you do any kind of work on the computer you most likely know about the term “cloud.” When computing began, a massively sized hard drive was required to save the tiniest bit of information. By large, I do not mean the amount of save space; I mean it was actually large. Some of the early hard drives were larger than a house. Now, however, a large amount of data saves are being done in the cloud. There are still hard drives, thumb drives, etc. that are used for saves, but everything is slowly moving to an inanimate area used for keeping everything from small documents to large movie files.
There are many options to choose from in regards to cloud saving. Google, Apple, Samsung, and basically every other name in technology has some form of cloud saving capabilities. There are four main areas to look at in regards to the cloud and how it works in regards to data. Those four are: Storage, Backup, and Security and Infrastructure.
  • Storage:
Cloud computing is, again, becoming very widely used. There are enormous amounts of space that a person can use to save their data. Typically, the way it works is, you sign up for a free amount of cloud space with whichever company you choose to use. Normally, about 5 to 15 GB of free space is given. That is a rather large amount if you are only saving small document files. However, if you plan on putting your movie collection and a ton of pictures in the cloud, you better be prepared to pay a decent amount of money to purchase much more space.
  • Backup:
When you use your computer, laptop, cellular device, etc., you made need to free up space from time to time and also ensure that the information on those devices is not lost. To do this you will backup your data from that specific device to whichever cloud you use. Depending on your technology and internet speeds, this can take either a very long time for large amounts of data or not much at all. However, the speeds are usually slower than when a device is hard-wired. The great thing about backing up to the cloud is the ease of doing so. It is easy enough that a baby, Einstein, could do it.
  • Security:
Security is usually not a problem when using the cloud, but it is easier to break into a cloud file than it is to break into a file offline on your laptop. The reason for this is the fact that the cloud is always connected. It is always up and running, online. So, with ongoing connections, hackers have a better chance of creeping in and taking what they want. Many companies tout better security than ever, but they are trying to sale invisible e-space. Just know that the cloud is great and convenient, but it is not the most lock-proof way to keep data protected.
  • Infrastructure:
The Cloud infrastructure is basically everything about how it works rolled up into one component. All of the software, security, networking and hardware are needed to support all of the requirements of the cloud. Companies are using the cloud infrastructure as a cheaper means to doing business. The companies that do this do not have to pay for servers and a large part of the networking material needed.
Cloud computing is the way of the future, but it must go down in price considering what is required for the system model to function. The ease of just needing a computing device and the internet can basically link you to a cloud numerous other people can use. File sharing is a breeze and doing on-the-fly edits is another amazing thing about the cloud. Those who are set in their ways of hard-wired saves are much like those who were stuck on dos computing. It may stick around, but it will be hard to find others who use the technology.
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