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Desk With Devices And Cybersecurity Grid Over
Your Customized Security Stack

Our cybersecurity services are designed to be as dynamic and flexible as the threats you face. Clients can mix and match services according to budget and necessity, providing you with a tailored security solution.

Multi-Level Endpoint Security

Protect your endpoints both in and outside the office. Our Basic and Advanced Endpoint Security options offer layered defenses with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) in the advanced package. Add DNS Filtering to safeguard users from external threats, no matter where they are.

Email Security

Choose one or two levels of email protection: our managed SPAM Filter for basic SPAM control and malware protection, and an Advanced Phishing Protection system for a comprehensive defense. The latter uses AI to scan over 100 data points per message, effectively defending against Business Email Compromise (BEC), Account Takeover (ATO), and other sophisticated threats.

User Training and Simulation

We don’t just protect your technology; we prepare your people. Security Awareness Training (SAT) educates staff about security best practices, while Phishing Simulations test their readiness against real-world attacks.

Dark Web Monitoring

Maintain oversight of your company's online presence with continuous Dark Web scans. This service aims to catch leaks or dumps containing sensitive company data, focusing on key personnel and executives.

Network Safeguarding

Manage both user and guest network security with our firewall management and DNS Filtering services. These tools not only protect against external threats but also manage data usage, blocking non-productive sites to maintain workplace efficiency.

Vulnerability Management Program

For businesses mandated to maintain a Vulnerability Management Program by insurance or industry requirements, we offer a comprehensive managed service. This includes the identification of vulnerabilities, definition of corrective action plans, and establishment of key metrics to meet compliance mandates. Should any vulnerabilities require immediate attention, we can perform remediation activities for an additional fee, ensuring your business stays in line with regulatory requirements.


Our Cybersecurity services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of your business and are billed on a per-user or per-device model, as applicable. Like all of our services, these specialized security solutions are available as a monthly recurring charge, offering you both flexibility and peace of mind.

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