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Server Management




Server Blade Removed From Rack
Your Backbone, Our Expertise

ONUVO’s Server Management services focus on optimizing the core functionalities of your server operating systems. From bare-metal servers to virtualization hosts and virtualized guest OS, we manage what keeps your business ticking.

OS Administration & Role Management

Our team specializes in managing server operating systems, ensuring they are up-to-date and running efficiently. We handle the administration of essential server roles like File Server, Print Server, Remote Desktop Services (RDS), DNS, DHCP, and Active Directory (AD).

Active Directory Management

For businesses that require it, we offer comprehensive Active Directory management. This includes creating user accounts and managing existing access permissions. If your organization lacks an access control structure or doesn't use AD, our consulting team can design one for you for an additional fee.

Proactive Monitoring

We continuously monitor performance metrics such as disk usage, CPU, memory, and network interface utilization. We use monitoring systems that use predictive failure models that allow us to anticipate and resolve most issues before they become critical.

Scheduled Maintenance & Updates

This service is fortified by a set of pre-scheduled proactive tasks determined in consultation with you during an onboarding interview. These include scheduled operating system restarts and the approval framework of Microsoft software and security updates.

ITIL Framework Adherence

Our service delivery is guided by the ITIL Framework, ensuring a standardized and efficient approach that aligns with best practices in the industry.

Consultation Within Scope

While our service includes consultation for any server-related technical questions, it’s essential to note that consultations requiring significant resources or those involving new projects are considered out-of-scope and may incur additional charges.


Our Server Management services are priced on a per-server-OS basis, offering flexibility and scalability that grow with your business. This approach allows you to precisely budget for each server in your environment without worrying about hidden costs. Like all our services, transparency is key; you’ll know exactly what you're paying for. For out-of-scope projects or substantial consultative services, we'll ask for approval before any additional charges.

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