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IT Help Desk




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Your Dedicated IT Support Team

ONUVO's IT Help Desk service is designed to function as your company's in-house IT support desk, but without the overhead. Using an array of specialized technologies, including RMM agents and advanced endpoint security tools, we closely monitor the vitals of your endpoints and swiftly address issues through integrated remote access features.

Automated & Proactive Solutions

With the ability to automate the OS patching process, we adhere to your specific patching policy and compliance requirements. Our proactive tools not only resolve problems but also alert us to potential issues—often before the user is even aware of them. In fact, over 80% of our service tickets are addressed without the user even noticing an issue, ensuring minimal operational impact.

Liaison Services

We act as liaisons for software products that fall outside our direct scope but have manufacturer support, bridging the gap between technical language and everyday user terminology. This is particularly valuable when it comes to interpreting complicated technical documents or navigating IT-related tasks.

Consultation Within Scope

We provide consultation for all technical queries related to end-user support within the scope of this service. However, please note that consultations involving significant time, changes, or new projects are considered out-of-scope and may incur additional charges.

Our Commitment

Our primary goal is to minimize disruption to your day-to-day operations. Whether you have questions about the legitimacy of software, the origin of an email, or need help understanding technical terminology, our IT Help Desk service is here to assist.


Our pricing model for the IT Help Desk service is based on a per-user or per-device model, whichever is greater. Our comprehensive service includes essential components such as the remote monitoring agent, the remote connection agent, and next-gen antivirus, ensuring robust security and efficient support.


Additionally, our service includes access to a documentation tool that streamlines processes and enhances transparency. With our client-centric pricing and inclusive offerings, we aim to provide a seamless and cost-effective IT support solution for your organization.

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